Baseball & T-Ball


Our Mission
The HPBC provides a baseball league in order to offer families an opportunity for children to participate in a Christ centered activity. Our goal is to allow children to play and compete in a Christian atmosphere, and for their parents to have Christian fellowship. It is our desire that the players as well as families, realize Jesus Christ should be the center of our lives. We encourage this through prayer, and a short challenge from God’s Word after each practice and game, and a concluding Award Ceremony.

General Information

  • Our league is open to all children from ages 4 years old through 13 years old. Girls can play until they are 14 years old.
  • They do not have to be a member of our church.
  • Practice for T-Ball, Minor League,Triple A and Major League: 10 AM on Saturdays.
  • Games for T-ball, Minor league, Triple A and Major League are only on Saturdays.
  • The league begins in April and concludes in late June.
  • Each practice and game must begin with prayer.
  • Christian conduct is expected from everyone.
  • In consideration of others, HPBC requests no pets on church property.

Baseball starts at 10 AM Saturdays for all ages.

Some basic rules we follow are the following:

  • There are ten (four outfielders) field players.
  • The game will consist of six innings.
  • A Coach or a volunteer does all the pitching.
  • The pitcher does not play the field.
  • Batters can not walk, or bunt.
  • Each batter will be given a sufficient numbers of pitches to be able to put the ball in play.
  • If the player misses the ball three times the players is out.
  • The team batting can only go through the lineup once.
  • There is only one base on an overthrow.
  • Only one player on deck at all times.
  • Only team members are allowed on the bench during games.

Spring Baseball Fee: $40 per child. Families with 3 or more children playing receive a family discount and pay $100 maximum fee. Church members: $20 per child, families with 3 or more $50

For additional information regarding our baseball program, contact the church at (845) 229-9150

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